Shoe Fitting

Correctly fitting shoes are essential for growing feet

As parents, we naturally care about our children’s health and wellbeing. But whilst we think about their teeth or their eyesight, how often do we think about their feet?

Children’s feet are constantly growing and developing, so it’s vital that their shoes fit properly as ill-fitting shoes can cause damage to a child’s growing feet and lead to problems in later life. These include hammer toes, ingrown toenails, foot corns, calluses and bunions that can cause significant amounts of pain and discomfort.

That’s why, at The Pied Piper, we take great care in carefully measuring your children’s feet to ensure their new shoes fit properly. This is, without doubt, the most important factor when buying children’s shoes. At The Pied Piper, we have undertaken special training in the fitting of children's footwear, so you can be confident when you buy shoes from us that they will fit properly and look great too!

We recommend that your child’s feet are professionally measured every 3 months or so to ensure they haven’t outgrown their shoes. This is especially important for young children.

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